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KATY REA is a Brooklyn based indie/folk singer- songwriter with a gift for building hook heavy tunes with poignant and aching lyrics. With one foot in her Texas roots, her soaring vocal stylings draw comparison to early country songstresses. Rea artfully weaves through themes of poetic torment, lust, heartache, and the political environment. In her single WRECK, She compares an abusive relationship to the 2017 elections. “If she keeps quiet in her struggle, maybe she’ll like it, maybe she’ll want it, and we’ll let it happen more / revolution I thought it started, but just a habit to start a riot and leave.” Had Me Wrong, her second single, pays tribute to her first years living in New York City “Remember back on Avenue B, you gave her away. Why did you let me?” - mistakes in our earlier romances often result in a gentler and greater understanding of ourselves. On stage and in the studio, Katy approaches music with a quirky grace and ambition that is hard not to love.

“I’m proud to be another one in a beautiful wave of women infiltrating the indie music scene,” says Rea. “ with something new to sing about the same dirty, sweet things.”

BLOOMER EP Is set to release this spring.